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  1. velcome to the site, i hope u have a splendid time playing the game

  2. Jasmin get's a cloak from Manny and will soon find herself a helmet
  3. Jasmin went and bought herself a warhammer for mining Jasmin sings, "i'm getting a job, i'm getting a job, I'M GETTING A JOB"
  4. that is one awesome music video :D with a funny ending :D
  5. Name: Jasmin Race: Dwarf Class: Fighter Occupation: Miner/Gem Collector City of Origin: Bree Brief Bio: Born and raised in Bree, she always love to fight and play in the dirt. There would be times where she would get in trouble by the guards for fighting with some of the other children, so to learn some discipline and took up weapons training and learn to fight better with her hands for the city. Then one day she decided to use her strength to look for hidden treasures, that's when she found the jeweler of Annakol City, Lente.
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