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  1. A dm campaign if possible please, the other is very enjoyable of course too
  2. I like her would like an elven campaign night? Like Halfling Heaven, only for elves and half elves maybe? Elf themed party, quests, roleplay, maybe based from one of the elven cities?
  3. For me, the lag causes creatures to spawn on top of me, and often score a one shot kill without a chance to flee. I think some of Anna's other misfortune is from people not killing their own spawns after going through, something that happens on any world. As for Forest trolls, I too have ran into them in daylight in the safe forest center, though only 2-4, never the 12 that anna found with Sari. As for her xp loss, she told me that's total from all deaths, not just that giant, but from trying to just explore too some. I think it's a matter of paying the dues to sing the blues, that onc
  4. I have had a number of the same issues, I have Zeff, a level 8 rogue/wizard build slanted towards future arcane archer, and Katya, a level 7 ranger. In both cases, it's been a question of trying to find people to party with, then when I cannot, figuring out where to play solo and have some fun besides the Sidonia dungeon, which while fun does get repetitive and not much in returns after level 7. One suggestion I might have if any dm's have time would be some new low level starting campaigns? I would love a rogue style group, as the guild is already in Annakol city, and seems to have contac
  5. Feel better, and I agree with the books, and good music as well. Not sure what you like, but suggest Cara Dillon, her voice is ethereal
  6. I did look over the Deity list before rolling Zeff up, on the old ROA forum, thanks. Also appreciate the idea about expeditious retreat, will have to try that! And yes, will love hasted gear when high enough level, mmm. My old server forbid boots of speed and the like, thoughtthem too powerful. It's funny, maybe because playing Zeff is pretty frustrating at times, it makes me want her to succeed more. Last night, I was using scrolls on her rapier, flame weapon and GMW, and buffing her faerie dragon as well. If I get to play later I will switch from studded leather down to leather, her dex
  7. I am beginning to reread Furies of Calderon, by Jim Butcher, Book One of his Codex of Alera series. The Codex of Alera is set in an odd alternate Earth, where elemental magics, from Furies, came to pass instead of science. Butcher has different races than the standard d+d ones as well, Icemen, Vord, Canum, and others, each done originally. The world is heavily based on the late Roman Republic, taking its human culture and government from that, with the infusion of magic. A strong point to me is that virtually all humans have some skill in Fury crafting, whether elemental, or things li
  8. Thanks to both of you, I was playing an elven rogue wizard,and got her to 3/3, Zeff, whom I do have some good story ideas for. I took point blank shot, weapon focus long bow, and rapid shot, my thought was to go up to rogue/wizard of 8/4, then switch and begin taking arcane archer levels, so like at level 20 Zeff would be 8/4/8, with a Base Attack of 16, some good rogue skills and sneak attacks, with tumble helping some for AC also. Her base dex at level 20 would be a 21, starting from a 16, as I moved some points to not have penalties like in wisdom. 4 Levels in wizard seemed some for buffing
  9. Issue: Misspelling on Annakolia page Location: http://www.annakolia.org/ Details: Deities is currently spelled Dieties, lol I think of Celestial Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers beings
  10. I have played neverwinter nights for nearly four years, between the original campaign, some solo mods, and a couple of otehr online servers. All of that was on normal difficulty though, not hardcore. My impressions from testing this as a DM on my previous server, and playing here are as follows: 1. Archers under this setting are nerfed, at best sidekicks, as attacks of opportunity will destroy them with relative ease. Thus, other than roleplay, or a few game situations with big parties or far off enemies, bows and crossbows are more props than actual weapons, a liability. I wanted to p
  11. Kaitlinn


    Hi, My name's Kaitlinn, a graduate student of English at Monmouth University in New Jersey. I'm 26 years old, live with my beloved and our two cats, and am just now returning to Annakolia. I've played neverwinter nights for over three years, dm'd for over a year elsewhere, but never forgot about the fun I had here the couple of times I have tried. My fingers are crossed, I hope I have downloaded all the haks, cep's, and everything, and this old dell will play it... Look forward to seeing you all here on the forun and game side! Kait
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