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  1. Paladin of Tyr School Far West City Alisha Island Seminar to new paladin students: What is Justice – let me tell you – we met out JUSTICE – we are the arm of Tyr and we must have JUSTICE. So what is it? We torture those we get our hands on – in the name of JUSTICE – we torture. You can equate JUSTICE and torture as one in the same. Tyr sides with the power that will give us the most JUSTICE – or – people to torture. So we do not always side with the people in power when someone else would give us more JUSTICE. We sided with Prince Emeries since the former King and Queen were too slack on JUSTICE – remember, when I say JUSTICE you must also think TORTURE. Tyr does not tolerate those slack on JUSTICE. It is a Paladin’s duty to met out JUSTICE and that PALADIN should enjoy doing so.. Enjoy each moment and get creative in causing pain – met out justice to the accused and to the WHOLE FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Fill our prisons – sharpen your flaying knives and practice with the Iron Maiden and rack - - put their children in different prisons and sell tickets to watch them starve. Tyr must be appeased with JUSTICE.
  2. Darla and Hero, with their friends, devise a plan to rescue Darla’s loyal body guard Aven. They meet in the Dahke village and decide to leave for the forest to plan – prying un-trusted ears must NOT over hear such plans and Dahke is full of nosy hobbits of the dark side – nothing like our rabbit pie eating fun loving, would not hurt a fly hobbits in the Shire – no no – like them at all – the Dahke hobbits worship Loki and would sell their gaffer or gammer for a few coins if opportunity presented itself. Sandy was hanging about the table in the tavern serving the group, yes but LISTENING – using her finely hune skills. The since of dark foreboding was real and tangible. The decision to move off into the hard rain and endure the environment was perhaps the wisest choice, although not the most comfortable. Ideas for releasing Aven from Baroness Zoe’s dungeon prison under her heavily guarded and fortified castle. Invisibility, frontal assault, and other tricks were discussed but rejected and too implausible or too dangerous. Hero said he could forge a prisoner transfer request to move Aven to Port City Tyr Temple Prison for torture. Our new paladin of Tyr, sent to replace Devon, Piety, said she could deliver the demand, but needed proper reignment and accessories – so the first stem of the plan was cemented. First step – travel to Far West City where the Tyr paladin school is located and gain the proper materials for Piety to pull off her deception. Hero works on his forgery of the transfer request. Once Aven is being moved – the group of ambush and free Aven. Inside knowledge – such transfers have the prisoner in chains and two guards – only two are sent with such transfers. Hero knows this from when he was taken prisoner and transferred to the Temple of Tyr in Port City for torture. Our group finds themselves on an ocean going ship from Rosebarry headed to Far West City on the Island of Alisha to get to the Paladin School of Tyr where torture, both physical and mental is taught to aspiring paladins of Tyr. (if you are getting a feeling that Tyr is not nice – needs looking into does it not?).
  3. Tonight, Tuesday, July 3rd 2018 - The Curse of the Lovers campaign begins/resumes. This campaign has not played (looks up Hero's last modification date) Wednesday, ‎May ‎7, ‎2008, ‏‎4:41:38 PM. That was 10 - TEN - Years Ago !!! The Curse of the Lovers campign Plays once more
  4. Long ago and far far away, at the Feisty Chicken Inn and pub, a seaman walked in. He was wet – he was beat – he was nearly dead – and he told the tale of his passage to Annakol, the BIG STORM, the swamping of the ship, the attack of the sea monsters. He told of how the great tentacles grabbed him and pulled him down under the sea. How as he was passing out, he saw a chest with odd looking gold coins – how he grabbed one and died, or was it he passed out – oh yea – still here, so passed out. He awoke on the shore without knowing how – but the gold coin shone very bright and flashes of magic beamed off its surface. AHHHH – he got it – YES – was the magic coin that saved him. He passed out in the Feisty Chicken. When he came too – he was upstairs one of the guest rooms and he finds out he was there for weeks. Having no money to pay, he gives the owner his magic gold coin – Lino’s Dad polished up the skull on one side and put it in the money box. Next day they found the coin had dissolved into the very framework and rocks of the building and foundation. The curse of the Feisty Chicken started that very day – and has continued ever since. The sailor has been back over the years – he seems to be well and become a noted Captain, or so he says – his name – Captain Kylon Lionset.
  5. People are marking this for dates: https://doodle.com/poll/fhdydgc5tgbh8qy2
  6. People who want to test a build of our custom classes and really want to test many options can download that module and try them all - find the one you like and test just how you want to build that desired character. This is the new version with all the testing battle areas Ann_Character_Tester_Build_Kit_7.7z
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1360432243 Here is the Steam Workshop listing for the Realms of Annakolia download - This willl auto install all the RoA files you need effortlessly. This is the very best way to install - or should I say the very easiest.
  8. I have already posted how to find the listing for Annakolia here: http://www.annakolia.org/forums/index.php?/topic/609-latest-beamdog-ee-update-today/ Now lets make Annakolia a favorite to quickly and easily find it. Go to the History tab - find Annakolia in History, select it and click on Add to Favorites Click on Favorites tab and if Annakolia is active - you will see it - will be ghosted if off line.
  9. New Log In Information: Note the number of people on the server is NOW how Beamdog wants to order the default listing - NOT alphabetical. Click on the box - Server Name - and you will get this listing, below:
  10. Hello Players: This update is barely out of the box and I have discovered some - ahhhhh - features (What Microsoft calls Bugs). DM - you can no longer see the blue transition triggers, nor do they work for you as they once did - you MUST enable see triggers and use the radial menu to the 9 o'clock position or is it 10, anyway the option to activate. These SAME, once blue, transition triggers NO LONGER SHOW FOR PLAYERS. Players must mouse over a trigger to even see it - shows then in a turquoise translucent color and the little stone arch with the arrow in the middle curser shows up. This means that transitions will be much harder to find. I have already been working on placing map notes at transition points in the world but this is an ongoing project that will not be completed for a LONG time, due to the number of areas in the world, over 2000, and many areas have multiple entrances and exits. This is just the tip of the iceberg since i found this in seconds. This may be intentional by Beamdog but it IS A PROBLEM and I am not OK with it. Link to Beamdog Bug Report: https://support.baldursgate.com/issues/37473
  11. There have always been some places that are not "fleshed out" enough.  Towns with no insides, outsides with no street people present.  Many of these shortfalls have been addressed in the last several months and are being worked on now.

    I have had some concepts of areas I have wanted to make to make the server a more wonderful place to play - I am doing that.

    In the PnP D&D days - having a cavern complex to explore was one of my favorite things.  There now exists several msnew cavern complexes from Annakol City to the Bane Mountains and The Shire Farms. 

    Today that new Spider Cavern complex went live on the server (under the Lowland Shire Hobbit Farms)

    I cam considering a second level below that will travel to another cavern north of Bree.


  12. When Realms of Annakolia first started the experience meter setting for the module was set to 7% I should say - that experience meter is 1 - 100 % At one point, many years ago - certain DMs (mostly one) argued for lowering the XP meter to 5% - This was done. The experience was never stopped or caped but it was very hard to near impossible to get more than 300 XP - although it did happen, the events were very rare. I have rasied the XP meter, doubling it from 5% to 10% - we have experimented with this for a week and feel the balance is good. Realms of Annakolia is a slow progression server - not awarding huge amounts of xp for kills. There are many reasons for this but the most important is that we do not want to see high level characters made in a week or two - not in a month - it should take some time and investment and exploring.
  13. Download all Annakolia Content here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1360432243
  14. This information abount using the development version is no longer necessary - we are not using the development version at this time. The Steam Workshop link below IS the best way to install Annakolia custom content.
  15. The four pages of the original map, scanned and pasted together.
  16. Down town Chula Vista California ca 1970s has a magazine store – one of those holes in the wall lined with publications of every kind – an interesting place. One day I was browsing in the fantasy section and noted three little booklets – D&D a pencil and paper fantasy role play game. Well now – I asked the proprietor about it and he knew nothing except that it was just published and he thought to have it in the store – looked interesting. I thought about it and finally got D&D and got started creating my own world. AD&D did not exist yet. Annakolia was drawn on four sheets of square graph paper. Charissa and I played together from the beginning – and a module was published by TSR – B1. This of course was added to Annakol. My studies in medieval music kept my interest in medieval fantasy. Annakolia started in 2002 – it was up only for a few hours at a time with games being run with friends. Once Halfling Heaven merged with Annakol (another story) we went 24/7. I have a Doctorate in Medievel Music Performance and Organology – some of my music performances are in Realms of Annakolia. My favorite edition of D&D is AD&D 1st edition. I dislike monks – don’t fit in Medieval European fantasy – they are Asian/Oriental. I wrote to TSR and complained about their inclusion in 1st edition, as did many many others, and they were removed in 2nd edition. Wizards of the Coast stooooooopidly put them back. Anyway they are in NWN so I have accommodated them. I was asked to be on the CEP team many years ago and then handed the leadership which I retain to this day.
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    Here is another - 500 XP
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    Note the 424 XP - no XP cap
  19. I also found this article useful in explaining why one of my characters got much more XP then some others: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/188666-neverwinter-nights/48287197 XPs and Effective Character Level (ECL) Topic Archived You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Boards Neverwinter Nights XPs and Effective Character Level (ECL) Jeabo 9 years ago#1 I've often wondered why some of my characters earn more experience points (XPs) than others when killing the same monsters, thereby leveling up faster. This has been especially noticeable to me at levels 4, 5, 6, and 7 in the OC. Then, just recently, I "discovered" the Effective Character Level (ECL) table in wiki (http://nwn.wikia.com/wiki/Effective_character_level). This answered most of my questions. But I also realized that the knowledge in the table could be exploited. I decided to build a (playable) character with the lowest ECL possible and see how many XPs I could (legitimately) rack up.... It worked!!....I don't think I've ever finished the OC before with more than about 170k XPs (lvl 18). In this game I ended up with 226k points (lvl 21)......Of course the down side was that I ended up with a lousy build, a Rogue/Monk/Cleric 11/5/5. Playable, but certainly not the most efficient character around. (I played solo, no henchmen, no summons. Diamond edition, 1.69) Observations, Questions, Anomalies 1) In the academy a goblin is worth 20 xps at ECL 1, 42 xps at ECL 2, and 17 xps at ECL 3. (Clearly exploitable). 2) When you level-up but keep the same ECL, experience earned actually goes up! e.g....I was level lvl 12 (ECL 7) earning 77xps for killing a troll. I leveled to 13 (still ECL 7) and started getting 84xps for a troll. At lvl 14 (still ECL 7) I was getting 91xps for trolls. I've noticed this in other games at lower levels and wondered about it. Now I know WHEN it happens, but I still don't know WHY. 3) ECL is a large factor in determining the number and type of non-boss enemies. e.g....At the cave entrance to Wanev's Tower I usually find a batch of white wolves. In this game (lvl 14 ECL 7) there were only 2 gargoyles. Later, in the hallway where there are usually 8 mephits, there were only 4. This (i.e less/lesser enemies) was especially noticeable from lvls 13 through 18. At level 19, ECL 14, the number/type of enemies seemed to go back to normal. (In the Beggars Nest graveyard some of my characters find only zombies and weak zombies. Other characters also find warrior zombies. I now assume that this is somehow connected to ECL). 4) My (lousy) character did not have too much trouble with "boss" fights. This could be attributable to a) My character fighting at a higher than normal level with better than normal equipment, or b) The bosses being "dumbed down" because of ECL.......Probably a combination of both. 5a) Most people are aware that there are "jumps" in the quality of random loot. These occur at levels 6, 9, 11, 14, and 17. (None at 20). 5b) Due to the rotten random loot intended for Clerics and Monks I found during this game, it's obvious to me that there are also "jumps" in the quality of "class only" random loot. However, I don't know at what class levels these occur at. ......... Does anyone?..... 5c) In general, a major advantage of receiving more xps and therefore leveling up quicker, is finding better random loot earlier, making the game (i.e. fighting) a bit easier. (It was nice finding the Boots of Speed in Helms Hold shortly after making lvl 11). 6) The ECL table could be useful in determining when to multiclass or to decide which class to level-up in. If you can't put it in figures, it's not fact, just mere opinion. - Laz Long Neverwinter Nights Video Tour Videos provided by GameSpot ChaosArbiter 9 years ago#2 I've often wondered why some of my characters earn more experience points (XPs) than others when killing the same monsters IIRC, in general, Fighter-class characters receive less XP (particularly at lower levels) than non-fighter-class characters, and higher-level characters will (almost always) gain less experience from any given encounter than a lower-level character. 6) The ECL table could be useful in determining when to multiclass or to decide which class to level-up in. Again, in general, abilities and skills are better reasons to multiclass (into a particular class or at a particular level) than XP - it's better to have a synergistic multiclass than one that lets you gain more levels. He's got jaws like a saber-tithed tooger. Soober-toothed teegar. The goddamned growly things with the fangs. ~ Garret, Bitter Gold Hearts Jeabo (Topic Creator)9 years ago#3 Chaos wrote: "IIRC, in general, Fighter-class characters receive less XP (particularly at lower levels) than non-fighter-class characters, and higher-level characters will (almost always) gain less experience from any given encounter than a lower-level character." Exactly my point. Fighter-class characters receive less xp BECAUSE their ECL is higher at lower levels. But, a higher-level character COULD gain more xp than a lower-level character IF his ECL were lower. Example:....A lvl 16 Monk/Rogue 12/4 will gain more xp than a lvl 15 Monk/Rogue 7/8 DUE to his lower ECL (i.e. 14 vs 15) If you can't put it in figures, it's not fact, just mere opinion. - Laz Long happyscrub1 9 years ago#4 are your test run with no summoned creatures or henchmen? Cancer kills, who wants Champagne!!! *pops cork* =D Jeabo (Topic Creator)9 years ago#5 Yes. (No henchmen, no summoned creatures). If you can't put it in figures, it's not fact, just mere opinion. - Laz Long by Taboola Sponsored Links From The Web This Farm Game is what everybody is talking ab…Big Farm: Play Free Now Historical WW2 Photos That Are Pretty Unnerv…Auto Overload Born Before 1969? Claim These 27 “Senior Reba…Senior Discounts Club These 8 Iconic Dishes are what San Francisc…San Francisco Travel The Truth About Incontinence And What…Hexa
  20. http://nwn.wikia.com/wiki/Experience_point Realms of Annakolia used the base XP tables provided by Bioware - nothing is modified in any way - Cave Bats have raised CR to help new or low level players easily level to the double digits. Quoting from the NWN Wiki: in: Game rules, Character development Experience point Edit Share Experience points (XP) are an abstract measure of the experience, knowledge, and training that a player character (PC) gains while adventuring. They are usually gained from defeating monsters and completing quests, with some modules also granting experience for various other achievements, such as using skills or exploring new areas. Experience points themselves do not directly affect gameplay* but are instead the sole factor that determines when character levels can be taken. It takes 1,000 XP times a PC's current level to reach the next level; see level progression for a table. *In a few cases, some details of gameplay depend on earned levels, rather than taken levels. In this sense, experience points can directly affect gameplay, but only to the extent that they determine character level. Monster formula Edit The formula used for monster XP awards is, according to BioWare, quite complicated, and though based on the Dungeons & Dragons system, it takes into consideration many factors. The major factors are that tougher (higher challenge rating) monsters are worth more XP, tougher (higher level) PCs receive less XP (unless effective character level alters this), and larger parties (including associates) receive less XP per PC.[1] Some of this information is retrieved by the engine from the data files xptable.2da, racialtypes.2da, classes.2da and xpbaseconst.2da. Playtesting has revealed that the formula for the standard XP awarded for killing creatures appears to be (base XP * XP scale) * (multiclass penalty * party size penalty) rounded down to an integer, where the base XP is retrieved from xptable.2da — with the row being the PC's earned character level (which may be more than the levels actually taken) and the column being the enemy's challenge rating; the XP scale is multiplied by 10 then treated as a percentage (so "10" means "100%"); the multiclass penalty is expressed as 100%, 80%, or 60% (rather than as the amount lost); and the party size penalty is 4 / (3 + party size). The first two factors are controlled by the module builder, while the latter two are under the control of players. In the original campaign the challenge rating is further modified by a bonus from the effective character level. Example: An elven druid 5 / sorcerer 1 has two henchmen, a familiar, an animal companion, a summoned creature, and a dominated creature. This character now suffers an 80% multiclass penalty and a 4/10 party size penalty and will only gain 0.8 * 0.4 = 32% of the module's base XP for kills. XP adjustments for party size and multiclass penalty Party size no penalty 20% penalty 40% penalty 1 100% 80% 60% 2 80% 64% 48% 3 67% 53% 40% 4 57% 46% 34% 5 50% 40% 30% 6 44% 36% 27% 7 40% 32% 24% 8 36% 29% 22% 9 33% 27% 20% 10 31% 25% 18%
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