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  1. I can make most of these, if not all, into NWN portraits - if you like what you see here let me know and I will make and distribute these in a steam portrait pack with some other portraits not in our current pack.
  2. More than 100 female dwarf portraits - some elves, fairy, half orc and others as well. A few males but mostly female portraits. Portraits.7zPortraits.7 z
  3. Mom said she and dad got lots of gems and treasure in Moria - Come-on lets go you lilly livered pansies ---
  4. Steinhammer Dwarves - the next generation! Children of the Steinhammer clan are growing up - teachers have brought them to a point where they are stepping out on their own - BUT - they were told to NEVER neverr NEVER go to that place (mines of Moria) - guess where they went first. Specs for next gen Steinhammer dwarf - I had them make a brand new dwarf - we had three players and got one barbarian and two fighters working on dwarven defender. They started at the base level one with the free level up to level two - some gear was given and by the end of the two hours they were level 7. We could use some casters - clerics, sorcerers, wizards, druids, bards However nobody is twisting arms on classes - make what you want I do suggest not attempting arcane archer grin
  5. Barry_1066

    Realms of Annakolia Character Build Tester and Build Kit

    To install the character tester module- !) download it - 2) unzip it - the file is a 7zip so you must install 7zip if you do not have it https://www.7-zip.org/ 3) place the module in the Documents/Neverwinter Nights/module directory. 4) start NWN EE and start new - find the module name and start it - make a new character to work with. 5) once in the module you will move to the interior area and talk to the NPCs. Once there you can level up and down - there is gear to outfit and arm yourself - there are places to go and fight to test your build.
  6. Barry_1066

    Potential new User

    Before you make a monk - take a look at the Bane Mountain Monastery - and that is oriental, kung Fu type monks. Also The Asian/Oriental world of Tarowa is monk origin friendly. My take on monks is old and futile since TSR took them out and Wizards of the Coast put them right back in. I have learned to live with them. The world of Annakolia is monk friendly.
  7. What Players are saying about Happy Hour at the Feisty Chicken ooc note. I enjoyed todays Feisty Chook Happy Hour. I liked the way the group acted together....and the pacing was spot on ....with [for me] new monsters and new places....and enough combat to satisfy that bit but also time to chat to people as well. Thanks to the DM team. OOC: I must admit, I have shied away from getting involved in campaigns (or even large groups) because I am new to RP and the game. Last night was the first happy hour I participated in (just watched last week). I had a blast. I am hoping to return every week! As always another fun time at the Chicken! Thanks to the DM's and the party for another adventure for Elly to chat about with friends! *********************************** Role Play Adventure Battle Puzzle solving fun These are the things one can expect - games do not always start at the Feisty Chicken - many that do start there don't stay. Each week is a different adventure - you never know what to expect.
  8. Barry_1066

    Potential new User

    If one is looking at our diety list with Farum/Forgotten Realms glasses - Massive mistakes will be made. For example: Tyr is from Norse Mytholgy - not Faerun (I do think Norse Mythology predates Faerun). Loki is also from Norse mythology - an important point since there actually is no Tyr on Annakolia and Tyr is being presented by some other god. Tyr on Annakol is said to be one thing but in reality is the god of punishment and torture - and they do not care how or where they get their victims to torture. Torture and justice are seen as one and the same by Tyr followers and that is how it is presented by the god. Yes you will find many surprises like this on Annakolia - we are not the Forgotten Realms nor Faerun in any way. If you see a forgotten Realms god - That god is probably one that is from a real ancient pantheon and thus predates Faerun and the Forgotten Realms by centuries or millennia.
  9. Barry_1066

    Potential new User

    I just made a brownie bard and played him solo to test solo play. As long as you keep to the beginning dungeons at first, you willl enjoy some fast leveling into the low double digits. After that you will need to seek out some harder areas to level. Keep in mind, the higher in level you go, the slower the leveling process. There are over 2000 areas with 5 worlds to explore - this will take time and effort but solo can be great fun. Some items that are desirable can only be purchased with Role Play Gems - acquired from DMs - usually by DMed games. These gems are also acquired through some other activities which will be announced soon.
  10. Barry_1066

    Potential new User

    Now - let me address some of your other questions. First - Realms of Annakolia are not set in Faerun or the Forgotten Realms. Realms of Annakolia is built from my collected DM works and campaigns since D&D publication in the 1970s. Realms of Annakolia predate Faerun - have never used Faerun, and are significantly different. The world has elements from Tolken, Lovecraft, Poe, Adams, Summers, Liber, Gygax, and many more literay fantasy and SF writers. The world also has unique stories and history written by Charissa, Halfling Heaven, Mkmddx, Athena, Flamecrow, Kormai, Dahkron, Roannon, Malishara, Wolfgang, and myself, to name a few. here are a few links to subjects on Annakolia: http://www.annakolia.org/forums/index.php?/topic/659-information-about-the-elder-galandar-world-or-annakolia/ http://www.annakolia.org/forums/index.php?/topic/661-history-of-galandar-and-annakolia-broad-view/ http://www.annakolia.org/forums/index.php?/topic/630-drow-in-the-realms-of-annakolia/
  11. Barry_1066

    Potential new User

    First lets talk about how to use the character test module: 1) Put the module in the Neverwinter Nights/module folder (this is the NWN in you document directory) 2) Start NWN 3) Select New 4) Select Other Modules... 5) Select Ann_Character_Tester_build_kit_6 6) Make a character 7) Play
  12. Traveling to Barrydale our adventurers find a tailor/dress maker across from the tavern. Darla made Hero wait outside while she described her dress to the dress maker and he took measurements - he completed the garment quickly and Darla went behind the screens to try it on ......... SHRIEK! Daisy ran back to see what was wrong - Darla came out wearing what was not much more than a skimpy bathing suite with a tiny flimsy very short skirt. This will not do. Darla change back and tossed the garment at the dress maker - she asked for another dress maker and he said there were none. Outside, Darla found Hero and he asked about the dress - Darla and Daisy informed him - Ikaro reluctantly returned the ladies fashion magazine to the shop and Hero tells of another dress maker the locals have been recommending - she is found on the beach. in the shops within the tents. Our company find their way to the beach where they are ambushed by a number of nasty creatures seeking them. After the fighting, Darla and Daisy with Ikaro go in the dress making tent, once again leaving Hero outside. The dress maker worked her magic and a wondrous wedding dress was made. Daisy, wanting her dead frogs to play in the water outside of the tent. A huge skeleton attacked and Daisy, with some difficulty, taught him to be nice and be her and her friends friend.

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