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  1. Tala


    It's been a long time. Anyone still around?
  2. Another blackout it seems. I am not sure how long I have been out, but this one terrifies me. It feels like it has been a very, very long time.
  3. So, people still getting together here? Was thinking I might pop in sometime.
  4. Tala


    I dropped in after an extended absence, only to find it is too quiet here. That makes me sad.
  5. Seems I have had another blackout. I wonder how long it has been this time.
  6. Trying to make a comeback, but it would seem the connection gods are against me.

  7. I can't seem to connect either. So much for sneaking in and (hopefully) being a nice surprise to some.
  8. In about an hour, I should have my new job, so my free-time schedule will be changing. I have decided to stay out for a while till I adapt to whatever it will be, and to finish at least the VtM netbook I am writing, possibly even the MSH one. I want to apologize to Mike, and thank you for responding to my PM about joining horselords. If my schedule allows, I will probably be shooting you the real application, and my character profile as well. Of course, I want to thin the irons I have in the fire first.
  9. I follow you now. I do let the game shape and develop their personality, but the background is the foundation I need to start building. This may not be the best or most efficient process, but it is what works for me. I do see the "other" votes are leading currently (thank you to those who voted). Unfortunately those do not help me very much, as I need help with the "other" character ideas (as I had mentioned). So, if things do not change (vote-wise), I will wind up playing the Holy Warrior type (assuming the DMs give me permission), unless people start suggesting other ideas.
  10. The main reason for the connection is the apartment situation. I will be buying one when they are available, and going by memory, all of you characters have access to the apartment. The connection will explain why they share one (I am planning on asking for one of the big ones, and paying extra RP gems to have a second bed). Now, Tala will not baby whatever "tree character" I play, they will be going out on their own, buying their own equipment, and making their own name. That is why it will be easy to justify in-character why they are never together. Besides, Tala prefers the forest to t
  11. We have a winner! Your "No Prize" is in the mail. I am curious to see how many get that reference. Wow, I must have missed that issue, because I did not remember it. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Ok, so I need to make a new character to take part in groups with lower level characters. Phoebe wound up being a little to dark (and kinda a b-word) to work in groups. I let character kind of shape their own personalities, while I play them, and at this point I think she makes a good villian/antogonist, not a friend. I made the mistake of power-leveling Tala, and a lot of the people I am on with, cannot survive some of the spawns my level creates (I can't always either). Not to mention she is slowly become bitter and starting to hate cities (and a lot of people because she thinks they ar
  13. Glad it made you smile, but your answer is incorrect. I actually dug out my old monster manual (the one pictured below) to double check since they had little to no budget for art in those days and reused many of them. I wish mine was in that good of shape. It is funny, I have my old edition D&D stuff (and I am considering selling them since we need money) here at our apartment, but all my 3.0/3.5 edition stuff is at my mother's house (where we had to stay shortly). I need to bring those books here.
  14. Nice to meet you. I am not (nor do I want to be) a DM, but I am always up for roleplay and a play run campaign if we cannot sync our times with DM schedules.
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