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  1. *Anara Murstan approaches Ms Devine* May I enquire about purchasing a large apartment if you have any available?
  2. Hi Annakolians, Finally I'm back online and just a day later than planned, at least I'm back! ~Sol
  3. Hi all, I won't playing today (Monday 9 Jan) as I have important business tomorrow and so will be spending the night with my dad. I will play tomorrow night and then that'll be all as I move to a new apartment (flat) on Wednesday and won't be hooked up to the 'net until the 14th at the earliest with the 17th the latest. During my offline time I will miss you all and unless I do get connected on the 14th I'll miss Mykkal's Hell'Daze game on the 15th. ~Sol
  4. I should be able to get back to playing Skeptics Feath now that I'll have more time to myself. Just post when you're running a game.
  5. IMPORTANT The newest version of Macintosh OSX Lion has recently been released by Apple, Inc. !!Neverwinter Nights for Macintosh is NOT compatible with OSX Lion and so will not work!! I can continue to play with you all as usual as I have Windows XP Pro on another internal hard drive, which I can boot into using Bootcamp.
  6. Malishara in action: MALISHARA Just watch that cat!
  7. Winds of Change is a brand new Guild Wars storyline that takes place in Cantha. As part of Guild Wars Beyond, Winds of Change helps bridge the story between Guild Wars and the upcoming Guild Wars 2 by involving players in key historical events. Winds of Change will take place in three phases throughout the rest of 2011. To get started, speak with Initiate Zei Ri, a white-clad Ministry of Purity member who is located in Kaineng Center in Cantha.
  8. War in Kryta is the first storyline of Guild Wars Beyond. It includes a series of one-time quests, exclusive items, and repeatable quests. The events begin with the player as an observer to seemingly minor events and end by the player participating in an epic battle to defend Kryta from invaders. There are two ways to go through the War in Kryta content: following an overarcing quest or without the quest. Regardless of which route you take, your character must have access to both Prophecies and Eye of the North and have completed at least one. The quest-method is quicker: it allows the pla
  9. I too have been absent from RoA and yes I do miss roleplaying with many of you. Barry did IM me recently, which I eventually responded. This past Saturday I tried to make it to the Frosty Turkey or whatever its reverse name is and found that Win XP needed to restart several times following tons of updates. That made me over 30 mins late and by the time I logged in I found no one else around. I hardly use XP now that I have Windows 7, however I decided to keep it just for playing NWN. ~Sol
  10. wow, congrats RoAnnon, So um, welcome to the phone calls on a Friday night wanting you to babysit for the weekend
  11. A very happy birthday or could that even be Harpy Birthday to - Gracefully Declines!
  12. Sorry fellow Annakolian's I'm going to see my dad and stay the night there and return tomorrow, Saturday 3.19.11 Have fun! ~Sol
  13. 11pm GMT I can make more or less, just like Charissa in terms of my healthcare shift pattern.
  14. Dear fellow Annakolians, I am posting details of the upcoming Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William, K.G to Miss Catherine Middleton. One or two of you had asked me when the wedding is to take place and yes I am ashamed to have answered incorrectly. Friday, 29th April, 2011 at 11.00 a.m, London in Westminster Abbey. This is the correct date and time of the event. This does make me wonder if there's to be a royal wedding in RoA?? ~Sol
  15. Power supply is back on and RoA is running!
  16. Dearest Diary, I have been very upset with Zael lately all because of that tombstone in the haunted house. What really annoys me is that despite what the tombstone says 'All because Zael is already reserved', Zael does not deny it. It's that missing denial that has made me very angry with him, so now I wonder if indeed it is true, has Zael been two-timing me? For now I am staying away from Zael.
  17. Dearest diary, I met with this fantastic, gorgeous guy called Zael. Wow, what a great kisser...I mean, cripes oh and a priest-in-training of Tyr! This on our first date after having passed past each other so many times in the street too! I am so glad he did ask me out, and there I thought he was never going to ask! Diana bless this day and ensure this...this feeling inside me will continue to grow stronger day after day! Yes I admit I am falling in love with Zael and yes he told me about those lady paladin's of Tyr that he has been out with on several dates and how he has grown sic
  18. Am wondering how Kendall Swizzlestick is, he lives in Australia, I think Brisbane but I can't be too sure, with the floods that have also gripped the country. Drop us a line here if you can Kendall Swizzlestick? ~Sol
  19. Lol, Mike Athena the smartest cat in RoA!
  20. Or I could alternate each week, that is both Michaela & Saesha are guests in Lathine with one staying behind to help defend Lathine whilst the other is out on the offence against Fingar and vice versa. Any objections? ~Sol
  21. Dear RoA Developers, If at all possible could this hakpack by Coulifsu Oriental Heads v1.0 be added to RoA? Here is a direct link to Coulifsu's page on the Vault: Oriental Heads Or this updated version by Balzan in 2005: Oriental Heads 1.1 Of particular interest is the head on the bottom left of the images shown on the above Vault page for my character Jia Li. None of the already available oriental heads are to my liking, nevermind seemingly lacking too! You might also notice that in 1.1 this will replace heads that are already in RoA, though I'd suggest are not rea
  22. No the problem isn't just with you FC, I too cannot access the server to login and play. Never could remotely anyhow either. No word as yet from the 1066s, perhaps they have a power outage and cannot access the internet at all? I do know from Charissa yesterday that they are experiencing heavy snowfall in their area. Guess we'll just have to wait.
  23. With the death toll in the Brazilian floods passing 270 I can't help but wonder... NEOREBEL & DM RAVEN!! Both live in Brazil, however I have no idea if they are affected by the floods at all, I hope not. Can you two please respond asap!
  24. Michaela Hollyheart would like to patrol with the Rangers of Lathine again, though so would Saesha Dawndance. The only thing is I can't think of a reason why Saesha would be in the area and so patrol with the Rangers, I'm open to suggestions if having a slightly different group dynamic for a change would be welcome?
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