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  1. There's a floating tree. It's in Dark Forest Dale of Lathine, 77.29x 12.16y 13.54z facing 196
  2. Catherine is working on a new contraption, talking to herself "Can you believe it Mera? Soon I'll be able to work with tons of cats daily!" Mera looks at Cathy calmly "I can't wait, this is going to be the best job ever!"
  3. Name: Catherine Summet Race: Gnome Class: Ranger Occupation: Selling Cats City of Origin: Gnomar Brief bio: Born in Gnomar, she has always been good with animals. She would often sneak out into the Teaselwood and attempt to tame the Magical Cat. While she did enjoy creating machines and gadgets, it just wasn't quite right for her. She decided to move to Annakol and try to find her calling, which ended up being cats. She had heard of Bertha's cat shop on North Road, and decided to stop there. Bertha was only too happy to have an extra pair of hands to take care of and sell her kitties. She has been working there for a little while now, and is enjoying it.
  4. HaPpY (Day Late.) BiRtHdAy Feather! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Best Wishes, Grace
  5. HaPpY (Day late) BiRtHdAy Feather! :D :D :D :D :D Best Wishes, Grace
  6. I will be. BTW If it won't be a HL game, would I be able to invite a friend as well? Grace
  7. Have a Great Birthday! Sincerely, Gracefully Declines and Athena Meter
  8. *brings some balloons and streamers* Happy Birthday, Flamecrow! Best Wishes, Gracefully Declines
  9. A bit about myself... *A Blue leather bound book with silver pages that look like leaves, there's dark silver ink* *it seems the book is written in Elven Druidic and Common* Being a Shifter, I find creatures (most call them monsters) quite interesting. So I thought, since I've been studying them I should write down my discoveries so future Shifters and adventurers could know what to expect. I've put alot of effort into this book. I hope it prepares you for future adventures *~ Stardust ~* Chapter I Typical encounters in the Annakol Forest Center Kobold: A lizard-like creature, some heal, some shoot, some come running with short blades, and some who cast simply spells (Hint: Watch out for the rainbow spray, you might get dazed). Easy to send to the after-life (Note for Shifters: After a long time studying them, you should be able to change into one) Life Stealer: A skeleton with purple light coming from (Hint: Don't get too close, or he'll try and suck the soul right out of you) "His bones" fairly easy to send to it's next life Flaming Dead: A flaming skeleton (Hint: Watch out for the fists, they burn) Just needs a good whack on the head or three before he dissipates into dust Restless Dead: Killing them is actually doing them the best favor you can grant them: Final Peace and Rest. A Skeleton with yellow light coming from his bones Goblin: A small creature that shoots bows and throws simple spells. Beware, and do not speak ill of them Spiders: Always found near Ettercaps. (Hint: Watch out for the points on the tips of the legs, they're really sharp) There are many different types including: Phase Spiders, Giant Spiders ect. Easy to stick a spear in if you know where (Hint: It's in the center of the belly on the bottom) Ettercaps: Usually found near spiders (Easy to get out of the way) Stirges: Bird-Bug-like creatures (Simple to shish-ka-bob) Young Wyvern: A small dragon like creature (Hint: Beware of the Poison) With wings and a scorpion tail (So-so easy to send off on it's last adventure) Troll: Nasty carnivores that can only be killed by Fire or Acid (Hint: Cold Death Arrows work for that as well) (Not so easy to kill)
  10. Happy birthday, Sol! :D Sincerely, Gracefully Declines
  11. Dear Diary, It's been a very interesting day, I learned from the newspaper about the Feisty Chicken inn on North Road, Well I headed there and sure enough! There were alot of people (and creatures there including: A half orc a pixie and others) there, now I'm no stage coward and this was nothing compared to what I've experienced, and I got the job as a performer there! What I was not expecting was when they set of into the desert in search of Halfling Heaven. While on the way there I thought someone was following us, turns out I was right, Dime was following us! It was a bit surprising since he's only a boy. Sadly it seems my senses then mislead me for now it seems I've lost sight of the group I'm not lost not at all but I have lost the group, It seems I'll just have to make my way back through the desert to North Road. I'm only stopping briefly and I'm only stopping because my dear friend Glory needs to rest.
  12. Happy Birthday, Ro! :lol: Sincerely, Gracefully Declines
  13. Hi, I'm Gracefully Declines I'm sort of new here but I'm having tons of fun. The characters I play are: Stardust, Datura DeLys and Zeanna. Thanks for playing with me, hope to see you in game :) Sincerely, Gracefully Declines
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