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Children of the Steinhammer clan are growing up - teachers have brought them to a point where they are stepping out on their own - BUT - they were told to NEVER neverr NEVER go to that place (mines of Moria) - guess where they went first.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. *suddenly feels like the Bat-Cave* Can we have poles to slide down? And a butler? Gurly wants a large walk-in closet. Grit would like a heated mud bath spa.
  3. The Steinhammer Headquarters is currently under development. Dwarves can sit about tables, talk, drink, and tell stories of great deeds. Plans for: 1) Fully stocked, over filled, larder. 2) Sparring Arena 3) Functional Bar 4) Labratory (for dwarven research into science and magic - to make better and more potent ale of course) 5) Sheep - sorta a dwarven petting zoo - it calms dwarf nerves and helps figure out woolly problems 6) Suggestions are welcome - SHOUTS - STEINHAMMER DWARVES RULE - YEA YEA YEA - *chugs Steinhammer ale and falls down asl
  4. Barley Steinhammer - master brewer: Yes whoopee is very important in our secret process. You Steinhammers must keep the secret whoopee and NEVER tell anyone since it is the all important ingredient - besides all the others that is. Whoopee? you kow - get rip roaring smashed - that is the first step on whoopee - make certain you cannot stand proper no more by attempting a jig to hornpipe for bagpipes - very importat, MUST be hornpipe or bagpipe. Ifen yer cun no longer stand yer is a ready - but ifen ya cun still jig ta pipes - down another keg or two and try again. Once ya
  5. Secret Steinhammer Ale Recipe - stolen and recovered - 500 years old. Located in the Steinhammer secret brewing house in Durin - Elder Dragon - Stuffed - safe in belly - climb into the mouth of the dragon to get to the safe. Recipe: LOTS of Barley Lots of Malt Lots of Whoopee Cook - Smash - Put in barrel Add Water Add Ginger Root Add Brandy Add Wine Add Rum Add Vodka AND add Whisky Add Hops Add Pineapple Add Banana Whoopee? YES - Whoopee - only a Steinhammer knows this super secret ingredient.
  6. I can make most of these, if not all, into NWN portraits - if you like what you see here let me know and I will make and distribute these in a steam portrait pack with some other portraits not in our current pack.
  7. More than 100 female dwarf portraits - some elves, fairy, half orc and others as well. A few males but mostly female portraits. Portraits.7zPortraits.7 z
  8. Mom said she and dad got lots of gems and treasure in Moria - Come-on lets go you lilly livered pansies ---

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