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  2. The troop of questers, trying to find the last two objects needed for the magic wedding spell that breaks the cruse, are now on Alisha Island where they have made their way to Alisha Village. Along the way they did encounter a small few Ruin Spiders and have some silk sacks but not enough required to make the Dahke Halfling Wedding Cloth. They encountered a ship captain in Alisha Village by the name of Kylon Lionset (yes the author of Simple Sailing). He informed the questers that he was fishing to find another gold ring. Apparently he found a fancy gold ring in the belly of a fish he cau
  3. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems at first - nothing is easy - SO - the Drow Priestess said Darla and Hero needed three items to get married. 1) A rabbit egg. 2) A Dahke Halfling wedding cloth. 3) The ancient ancestral ring of the Drowbane family (disposed of centuries ago by Zoe Drowbane). The rabbit egg (found) - Off to Dahke to get the wedding cloth but none are made and the halfling lady who will make it requires a mountain of gems in payment and ten Ruin Spider silk sacks to make the special thread to weave the cloth. The Mystic told Darla and Hero that the ring was found in
  4. Why are the Curse of the Lovers group having to find three items before a Drow Priestess will marry them and why must it be this Drow Priestess? This is not a normal wedding - This wedding is a magic spell, cast to break, or rather start the process that breaks the ancient curse over the Drowbane family and the drow elves they fought to destroy in the ancient past. Baroness Zoe is ancient - she - transfers herself to female child every generation. If need be she can take other life to extend hers but that is a short term fix. The three items, a rabbit egg, a Dahke halfling wedd
  5. Traveling to Barrydale our adventurers find a tailor/dress maker across from the tavern. Darla made Hero wait outside while she described her dress to the dress maker and he took measurements - he completed the garment quickly and Darla went behind the screens to try it on ......... SHRIEK! Daisy ran back to see what was wrong - Darla came out wearing what was not much more than a skimpy bathing suite with a tiny flimsy very short skirt. This will not do. Darla change back and tossed the garment at the dress maker - she asked for another dress maker and he said there were

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